At The Fran Coach, our philosophy is rooted in the belief that success in franchising is achieved through matching the right individuals with the right franchise systems.

By investing 20 minutes to complete our assessment, you will discover which franchise systems best match your personality, as well as your personal, business and lifestyle needs.

One of the critical success factors in franchising involves matching the right individual to the right franchise system.  In the same way that individuals are unique, so are companies and their franchise systems.  

It’s often said in life that that success cannot be achieved by putting a square peg into a round hole.  The same can be said about the industry of franchising.

At The Fran Coach, our mission is to help put round pegs in round holes and find square holes for square pegs.  By matching individuals to the franchise system that is best suited to them, The Fran Coach acts as a success catalyst for individuals and franchise systems.

As certified franchise consultants, we value the investigation process and truly want you to find the best fit for your life.  Our process is educational and fun and our clients tell us that we introduce them to companies they would have never dreamed of.

Best of all, our valuable service has NO COST to you because we are paid by the franchise companies.  

We are like Real Estate agents.  The only difference is that you will pay the same amount of money if you use us or not.  We tell our clients the worst-case scenario is you are going to get a great education in franchising!