This is learning all about you and your franchise goals.

Before we get started, we will ask you to complete our Confidential Questionnaire (CQ).  The questionnaire will give us some information about you and it will also get you to start thinking about what is important to you: your goals and objectives.

For both of us to be successful, we need to get to know the essence of who you are.  Not who you want to be, but who you really are.  The more honest you can be with us, the better we can help you.

Our goal is to find a business where you can play where you work.  If you love what you are doing and you have the skills needed to do it well, you will grow your business and have fun doing it.

Have you ever met someone who bought a business and six months later said, what was I thinking?  We aim to keep you from making that mistake.  

We will work together to make sure that we uncover all the things you like and don’t like.  We will find a business that really matches you and you will not have any surprises.  We are not saying it won’t be a lot of work.  It will.  However, you will have a plan and a road map to get to your goals.  Your job is to execute the plan – that is an inside job.

We will have a two-hour consultation with you and your partner, wife, or significant other, identifying all of the characteristics you want in your business.  (Do you like sales? Have you ever managed people? Do you want to build multiple units? Etc.)

We will talk about your goals, about whether you have a vision board and if you’d like to learn how to do one.  After your consultation, we’ll do our research and narrow down the choices of franchises to those that best match your wants and needs with the goal of finding a great match for you. We will do the legwork but you must have a willingness to keep an open mind and get ready to be surprised.